Integrated, Scalable & Reliable Mining Solutions

Improve Mine Safety, Efficiency & Productivity

IWT wireless systems are comprised of integrated components working together to build an overall network that is not only reliable, but increases safety, efficiency and productivity.

Seamless, integrated system components allow users to purchase the features they need today, and add additional features as operations grow or change. By combining what were once separate, single-purpose systems into one advanced, digital network, IWT customers not only see significant cost savings, but an increase in operational safety, efficiency and production.

hand holding radio with screen lit

Advanced Wireless Communications for Underground Mining

Connecting the working face to above ground operations using clear voice, texting and operational data.

Real-Time, Continuous Mine Tracking

Track personnel and assets with state-of-the-art, continuous tracking devices with emergency alert capabilities.

Dispatcher with radio and mTracker display on monitor in background
Wireless Gas Monitor deployed

Gas Monitors Designed for Harsh Environments

Network-integrated or stand-alone wireless gas monitoring configured for single or multiple gas sensors.

Wireless Tailings Management Solutions

Customized, real-time remote monitoring and analytics capabilities for even the most remote locations.

Remote monitoring data displayed on screen
Miner deploys Portable Mesh Node device

IWT Mine Rescue System: Better Communication Saves Lives

Developed to meet the rigorous demands of mine rescue teams, the IWT Mine Rescue System enables fast, reliable communications.

Proximity Detection for Miner Safety

The Guardian™ Proximity System provides unparalleled precision location for increased safety.

Mine cart inside of mine equipped with Guardian Proximity Detection equipment
Man holds smartphone with abstract graphs and charts in background

Customizable Data Analytics

We help mine operators get the most information through automated data collection that they can use to drive process efficiencies.

Delivering Results That Matter

Our satisfied customers define our success. We form lasting relationships with the companies that partner with us, and their achievements add to our success story.


Miners kept safe by the IWT SENTINEL™ System.


Tons of coal production facilitated by IWT in 2022.


Of underground coverage provided by the SENTINEL™ System.

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