Wireless, Remote Tailings Management

Sensor Data at Your Fingertips

IWT’s Mine Tailings Management Solution delivers customizable, real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities for even the most remote sites. You can now see the status of multiple data points from all of your operations in one place, allowing you to make informed decisions faster for improved safety and regulatory compliance.

The robust design of IWT’s wireless environmental monitoring network offers:

  • Customization: Users decide what they monitor and how often, using sensor types of their choice.
  • Secure Dashboards: The secure, web-based dashboard enables operators to gain a comprehensive view of each site’s metrics such as:  inclinometer readings, piezometric pressures, pond elevation, weather conditions, security monitoring, and many more.
  • On Time Data: The collected sensor data is provided at pre-defined intervals and/or when a user-defined trigger event occurs, making it available in minutes.
  • Scalability: The system is fully scalable, enabling the addition of other sensors and sites as operational needs change.
Worker reviews remote tailing information on screen

Secure Data becomes Actionable Insights

We work closely with each customer to ensure that the data they receive is in a useful, actionable context for on-site workers as well as regulatory bodies. Our networks are secure with military grade encryption and fully integrate with other IWT mining systems, such as Wireless Gas Monitoring and Communication and Tracking.

Real-Time, in-Situ Monitoring

IWT’s Envōk System provides the perfect platform for remote wireless monitoring. Envōk supports multi-sensors from multi-vendors allowing users to select the best sensor for each application.

The network supports unlimited sensor nodes, and is rugged enough to deploy in the harshest of environments. With Envōk, visits to remote sites are virtually eliminated, freeing up time to analyze data instead of retrieving it. Efficiency is up, and with only one cellular account needed per 1,000 Sensor Nodes, costs are down. Envōk can be powered by multiple sources, including AC or DC power, battery backup or solar panels.

IWT Envok Node at Tailings Location

Enhance Your Operational Efficiency

Contact us for a low-total-cost-of-ownership, wireless tailings management solution that includes everything you need, and nothing you don’t.