Revolutionizing Underground Communications

Unleash the Power of Connectivity​

IWT’s cutting-edge SENTINEL™ Communication System is designed for the unique demands of underground mining and tunneling. IWT networks provide an unparalleled range of features and benefits that prioritize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our communication systems use wireless technology to connect nodes in such a fashion as to create no single point of failure. In the event of a tunnel collapse or other emergency scenario, the system is designed to self-heal and reroute the signal, ensuring your communication goes through. With crystal-clear voice communications, users stay connected seamlessly.

We offer scalable solutions and software…tracking, text+tracking, voice+text+tracking, sensor data, 3rd party integration, and more. Users can grow with their system as operational needs change.

man in mine speaking on communications equipment

Powerful Infrastructure

The flexibility of battery or line-powered wireless infrastructure allows for adaptable power options to meet specific needs, while the impressive range between devices minimizes the need for extensive infrastructure deployment. Here are some of the SENTINEL™ infrastructure devices that can be connected to form the SENTINEL™ Communications & Tracking wireless network:

Gateway Node (GWN)

Provides IP backhaul capability and interconnectivity with the Dispatch Station.

Fixed Mesh Node (FMN)

A fixed, line-powered device with external battery back-up that supports voice, text and tracking.

Battery Mesh Node (BMN)

An easily deployable, battery-operated device that supports voice, text and tracking powered by D-Cell batteries.

SENTINEL™ Uniti Node

A multi-functional device that supports voice, text, tracking, Wi-Fi access point and Wi-Fi backhaul. Line-powered device with battery standby power.

Integrated Mesh Node (IMN)

An integrated device that supports voice, text and tracking. AC-powered and equipped with internal backup battery.

Section Mesh Node (SMN)

Ultra portable device that provides voice, text and tracking. Easily mounts via magnetic feet and is powered by C-cell batteries.


A small, long-life device that enhances tracking resolution of mobile devices. Mounts via magnetic feet and is powered by C-cell batteries.

Dispatch Station

Used to view all network and assets in real-time. It serves as the visual interface for the network and stores historical tracking data in the event of an emergency.

Client Station

Connects to the Dispatch Station over a Local Area Network, allowing multiple users to independently access and view information from the network in real-time.

Command Station

Connects to the Dispatch Station enabling up to 8, 50” high resolution displays for full operational monitoring of the SENTINEL™ network.

Reliable User Devices for Comms & Tracking

Stay connected on the SENTINEL™ network with a wide range of user devices that enable voice, text and tracking. Additional tracking-only devices can be viewed on our Tracking page.

Mesh Handset

Durable handset for voice, text, and built-in tracking. Equipped with a 24-hour, rechargeable battery. Mics and accessories are also available.

Dispatch Handset

Sends and receives voice calls and texts like the Mesh Handset, and additionally works with the Dispatch Station to receive and respond to emergency notifications.

Maintenance Handset

Mesh Handset with additional maintenance features for local performance assessment of the network to measure RF signal quality.

Non-IS Handset

This is the Non-Intrinsically Safe version of the SENTINEL™ Mesh Handset for applications that do not require IS.

ACCOLADE® Miner Mesh Radio (MMR)

Provides basic voice, text and tracking capabilities with a built-in battery.

Vehicle Mounted Radio (VMR)

Provides voice and tracking, and is powered by the vehicle’s 12V or 24V DC input.

Vehicle Mounted Charger (VMC)

Designed for installation in a vehicle cabin to charge a SENTINEL handset. It is powered by the vehicle’s 12V or 24V DC input.

The Right Communication Equipment for the Job

Your safety is our priority.

Most IWT equipment is MSHA approved (and in many cases, ATEX approved), and intrinsically safe for use in hazardous underground environments.

Don’t need IS for your application? We also offer Non-IS equipment options. Let our skilled team help you determine the best equipment for your network.