Underground Tracking

mTracker™: Real-time Tracking for Safety & Productivity

IWT’s SENTINEL™ Communications and Tracking System provides state-of-the-art tracking for unparalleled visibility. Our patented mTracker™ software enables users to monitor the location and movement of equipment, personnel, and resources in real-time. mTracker™ is available in conjunction with a variety of SENTINEL™ Dispatch Station options.

Instant access to crucial data allows operations to make informed decisions promptly. Whether it’s optimizing workflows, enhancing productivity, or ensuring the well-being of your team, our real-time tracking technology empowers users to stay one step ahead in the challenging underground environment.

mTracker software displayed on screen with dispatcher in foreground

The Most Advanced Tracking Equipment

Rugged and reliable, use one type of user device or a combination of all of them to meet your tracking needs.  Each device communicates tracking information over the SENTINEL™ wireless network.  For a comprehensive list of SENTINEL™ network infrastructure components, visit our Communications page.

Mesh Handset

This all-in-one device provides voice, text and real-time tracking over the IWT wireless network.

Personnel Tracking Tag

A lightweight device powered by alkaline batteries that reports status, emergency state and tracking data.

Asset Tracking Tag

A battery-powered device that reports status, emergency state and tracking data housed in a rugged enclosure for attachment to vehicles and other assets.

Dispatch Handset

Sends and receives voice calls and texts like the Mesh Handset, and additionally works with the Dispatch Station to receive and respond to emergency notifications.

Maintenance Handset

Mesh Handset with additional maintenance features for local performance assessment of the network to measure RF signal quality.

Non-IS Handset

This is the Non-Intrinsically Safe version of the SENTINEL™ Mesh Handset for applications that do not require IS.

ACCOLADE® Miner Mesh Radio (MMR)

Provides basic voice, text and tracking capabilities with a built-in battery.

Vehicle Mounted Radio (VMR)

Provides voice and tracking, and is powered by the vehicle’s 12V or 24V DC input.

Track Ore with RFID Industrial Tracking Tags

The IWT RFID Industrial Tracking System provides visibility and business insight to asset location and process efficiencies. Consisting of RFID writers, readers and IWT Flex Tags, users are able to quickly and accurately locate assets in real-time without using line-of-sight or manually labeling commodities.

Designed for optimal performance in harsh environments, the IWT Flex Tag is ideal for tracking ore and other industrial stockpiles from point of origin to final destination. The durable, flexible foam construction is designed to survive the mining process.

man's hands twist flexible foam rectangle

Tracking for Every Application

No matter if you are tracking assets, equipment, material or personnel, IWT has an effective tracking solution for your applications. Your success is our priority! We’re here to help put together the perfect system.