Actionable Intel with Data Analytics

Customized Data Analytics for Process Improvements

At IWT, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way data is collected and utilized in underground operations. Our team of skilled engineers are here to support you in automating data collection and building a robust data analytics structure that empowers your decision-making process.

With our data analytics solutions, you can make informed choices that drive process improvements, leading to increased safety, productivity and efficiency in your mine operation. Best of all, IWT’s analytic solutions are customized to provide the data you require for your operation, from customized e-forms to machine-health or production data, the solution is as unique as your operation.

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Unearth the Possibilities with IWT Data Analytic Tools​

SENTINEL™ Uniti Node

A multi-functional device that supports voice, text, tracking, Wi-Fi access point and Wi-Fi backhaul. Line-powered device with battery standby power.

Analytics Beacon

A small, low-profile infrastructure device that relays analytics data over IWT’s wireless mesh network. It is powered by C-cell batteries.

Analytics Server

Connects to the Dispatch Station and hosts the IWT Analytics portal, enabling internet/intranet devices to connect to the Analytics portal and generate reports.

Maintenance Analytics

Assists personnel with network health assessments. It automates the analysis of the RF network’s performance and provides detailed insights about problems that need addressing.

Enabling Real-time Data for ​Enhanced Management​

The SENTINEL™ Uniti Node enables reliable, real-time data transmission from the working area deep underground to the surface, facilitating effective management of production operations. Traditional Wi-Fi-based solutions often struggle with non-line-of-sight conditions, and their limited range hampers continuous coverage. Wired data solutions, on the other hand, are difficult to maintain, advance, and do not withstand the harsh mining environment.

Our system overcomes these challenges with a series of rugged nodes that “hop” data from mine equipment to the mine’s fiber backbone. This ensures that critical information regarding productivity and safety is seamlessly communicated to decision-makers at the surface.

Advantages of the SENTINEL™ Uniti Node

  • Proprietary High Data Rate Mesh Component: Our node incorporates IWT’s proprietary high-data-rate mesh component, ensuring swift and reliable data transmission.
  • Wi-Fi Client Access Point: Each node also features a Wi-Fi Client Access Point, allowing easy access to data and information from connected devices.
  • Superior Range: The SENTINEL™ Uniti Node’s exceptional range requires fewer nodes, resulting in a cost-efficient system for your mining operations.
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Driving Success with Data-Driven Insights

Investing in innovative technology solutions can enable improvements in your business’s bottom line. Numerous studies have shown that mines that effectively analyze data and implement strategic improvement plans experience significant benefits, including:

  • 5 – 15% Production Increase: Boost your production levels by optimizing processes based on real-time data insights.
  • 10 – 40% Savings on Planned vs. Reactive Maintenance: Minimize downtime and maintenance costs through proactive planning.
  • Up to 6% Increased Equipment Utilization: Make the most of your equipment by streamlining operations.
  • Up to 10% Reduced Inventory Costs: Optimize inventory management with accurate data analytics.
  • 5 – 25% Increased Workforce Productivity: Empower your workforce with data-driven insights to enhance their efficiency.

Investing in innovation today is the key to accelerating efficiency programs for tomorrow. By leveraging our wireless technology solutions, your operation will remain at the forefront of the industry, outperforming competitors, and achieving sustainable success well into the future.

Unlock Your Operation's Potential

Unlock the full potential of your underground mining and tunneling operations with IWT’s cutting-edge data analytics solutions. Contact us today to explore how these solutions can transform your business.