Wireless, Reliable Tunnel Solutions

Integrated, Scalable & Completely Reusable

Whether you are looking for a way to communicate or track personnel in an underground tunnel, monitor gases within the tunnel, or pull data from equipment, we have you covered – no matter how deep or how long your tunnel system.

Our wireless networks are completely integrated and scalable enabling you to start with the features you need now and expand as your needs change. Our wireless solutions are easy to install and 100% reusable for future tunnel projects.

miner holds IWT radio in front of equipment

Clear Communications for Tunnel Operations

Connecting tunnel personnel and above ground operations using clear voice, texting and operational data.

Real-Time, Continuous Tracking

Track people and assets, in real-time, anywhere in the tunnel.

Worker installs tracking device
Gas monitor hanging on tunnel wall

Gas Monitors Designed for Harsh Environments

Network-integrated or stand-alone wireless gas monitoring configured for single or multiple gas sensors.

Customizable Data Analytics

Actionable tunnel data to the right people at the right time.

tunnel with large equipment and workers
big yellow bulldozer machinery in tunnel

IWT Mine Rescue System: Better Communication Saves Lives

Developed to meet the rigorous demands of mine rescue teams, the IWT Mine Rescue System enables fast, reliable communication that is also perfect for tunnels.

Short-term project? Rent Equipment

Our portable, battery-operated tunnel communication solution is the best lightweight, rapidly-deployable system for continuous communications during a tunnel inspection project.

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