IWT Mine Rescue System

Communication When it Matters Most

IWT’s Mine Rescue System was developed to meet the rigorous and demanding specifications of mine rescue teams. As a result, mine rescue teams are moving faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

Replacing legacy sound-powered or walkie-talkie handsets, the system enables constant communication among the exploration team members, the briefing officer, and the Command Center.

Small, lightweight, rapidly deployable Portable Mesh Nodes (PMNs) are the heart of the system, acting as repeaters that establish a robust wireless network.  The nodes join the network automatically – no IP address needed.  Just turn them on and go.  Scale the system from inby the Fresh Air Base all the way to the surface Command Center by dropping PMNs outby as the Fresh Air Base advances.

Handsets provide crystal clear voice for anyone on the network.  Speaker mics, headsets, and direct connection to the SCBA facemask are options to facilitate communications.  Furthermore, all communication is encrypted to maintain security.  Handsets are also tracked by the system.

Mine Rescuers deploy underground command center

Components Your Team Can Trust

All capabilities are modular and can be added individually as needs arise and funds are available.

SENTINEL™ Mine Rescue Handset

An Intrinsically Safe radio with secure AES encryption. The handset is interoperable with any standard SENTINEL system and provides real-time tracking when used with a Mine Rescue Dispatch Station.

Portable Mesh Nodes (PMN)

An infrastructure device supporting voice, text and tracking. It is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery that provides 40 hours of operation. MSHA approved and Intrinsically Safe.

Portable Gateway Node (PGN)

Provides interconnectivity between the Mine Rescue network and the Dispatch Station. It is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours of operation.

SENTINEL™ Smart Battery

A portable backup power source designed to extend operating life of system components by an additional 96 hours.

Fiber Optic Switch

A portable, battery operated device designed to provide connectivity between the wireless Mine Rescue network and a fiber optic backbone.

Mine Rescue Dispatch Station

Allows users to easily view personnel, assets and environment from the command center in real-time.

Trusted by Response Teams

The IWT Mine Rescue System is trusted by federal and many state response teams. With 24/7/365 technical support, your team can trust it too. Training and service plan options are available to maximize effectiveness.

Set your team up for emergency response success.