Proximity Detection for Underground Mines

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Miner Safety

The Guardian™ Proximity System seamlessly integrates with the vehicular controls on mobile haulage equipment, ensuring the safety of personnel by slowing or stopping the vehicle when individuals are detected. The system continuously (multiple times per second) calculates the location of any miner within range around the vehicle. Miners are equipped with small radio transceivers, about the size and weight of a deck of cards, which the Guardian sensors on the vehicle use to determine the miner’s distance. Based on the precise location in proximity to the vehicle, Guardian intervenes by adjusting the vehicle’s speed accordingly. Miners also receive audio and visual feedback from the tag, alerting them to move out of the path of the oncoming vehicle.

The system is equipped with an intelligent throttle and brake algorithm, preventing unnecessarily abrupt stops when miners are detected well in advance of the approaching vehicle. If a miner fails to clear the warning zone, the vehicle will come to a complete stop.

The Guardian™ Proximity System operates using radio frequency (RF), which remains unaffected by the electromagnetic interference generated by high-voltage power lines or electric motors within the mine. Operating at 5 GHz, Guardian can penetrate brattice curtains and accurately track the location of miners even when obscured from view.

Proximity Detector sensor on belt of miner with red light glowing

Rugged Components For Demanding Environments

The components comprising the Guardian™ Proximity System are purposefully built to withstand the rigors of daily use in mining, ensuring uninterrupted safety measures even in the most demanding conditions.

Display Unit

Provides real-time location and status information to the driver.


Continually scans and provides visual alerts in the warning and braking zones.


Small, rechargeable miner-worn tag with integrated visual and audio alerts.

Central Command

Interfaces directly with the vehicle’s throttle and braking systems.

Efficient Installation and Integration

The typical Guardian™ Proximity System installation places sensors on the perimeter of the vehicle. The sensors are connected through junction boxes to the central command, which interprets the location information, controls the vehicle speed, and provides status updates to the display unit.

The display unit shows the driver where miners with tags have been detected and provides updates on the vehicle throttle and braking conditions.

Trust your Mine Safety to Guardian™

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