In-Port Shipboard Communications

IWT collaborated with the U.S. Navy to provide a stand-alone shipboard communication system for use when ships are docked. Designed to provide voice and text capabilities when traditional shipboard communications may be offline, the IWT Shipboard Communication System brings a new level of connectivity and safety to vessels of all sizes.

A Seamless Mesh Network for Uninterrupted Communication

The core of the system lies in its innovative network of nodes that act as repeaters, transmitting encrypted voice communications, text messages, real-time tracking, and vital sensor data throughout the ship and even from ship to shore. This self-healing mesh network ensures that there is no single point of failure, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication even in challenging environments.

Unlike traditional wired systems, the wireless transmission between nodes offers fast and easy installation, eliminating concerns about cable breaks and enhancing overall system reliability. This means establishing communications is now faster and easier.

Scalability and Flexibility to Meet Ship-Specific Needs

Every ship is unique, and their communication needs vary. To address this, the IWT Shipboard Communication System utilizes a mix of line-powered and battery-operated nodes, offering a completely scalable solution adaptable to any vessel’s size, required capabilities, and duration of use.

Whether it’s a small vessel with limited power availability or a large naval ship with demanding communication requirements, the system caters to each installation with seamless efficiency, ensuring that all crew members stay connected at all times.

A Single Device for Comprehensive Tracking and Communication

The SENTINEL™ Handset, a rugged, push-to-talk radio, streamlines both continuous tracking and communication. With this powerful handheld device, users have access to various configurations, including individual and group calls, as well as canned and free-form text messaging.

Every SENTINEL™ Handset is automatically tracked by the network, providing real-time personnel and asset tracking capabilities, which are crucial for monitoring crew movements and ensuring their safety on board. This comprehensive tracking system enhances situational awareness and enables swift responses to emergency situations.

Key Feature:

  • Clear Voice Communication: Maximum productivity and safety are achieved through clear and reliable voice communication.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: The infrastructure used is incredibly easy to install, maintain, and fully reusable, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Power Options: The flexibility of line-powered, battery-powered, or a combination of both ensures the right solution for every unique installation.
  • Expandable Capabilities: The network’s versatility allows for the integration of atmospheric and other sensor data on the same platform, enhancing the overall efficiency and data collection capabilities, should the Navy choose to do so at a later date.

From streamlined installations to uninterrupted communication while docked, IWT is committed to empowering connectivity and safety for our armed forces. We at IWT are proud to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of naval operations.