IoT Water Meters Redefine Efficiency

A major utility company entrusted IWT with the challenge of creating a low-cost, battery-operated water meter with an unprecedented battery life of more than five years. Not only did IWT deliver on this ambitious project ahead of schedule, but they also went above-and-beyond to enhance reliability while reducing maintenance costs on the tens of thousands of IoT meters installed.

Challenges and Solutions

Meeting the demands of extended battery life and cost-effectiveness in a battery-operated water meter posed a significant challenge. IWT’s dedicated team of experts responded with a comprehensive approach, blending state-of-the-art technology, robust engineering, and a keen focus on sustainability.

Advanced Battery Technology

IWT’s engineers meticulously researched and tested various battery options to identify the most suitable energy storage solution for the IoT water meters. Leveraging cutting-edge battery technology, these meters were designed to run efficiently for more than five years, significantly outperforming industry standards.

Cost-Effective Design

Recognizing the utility company’s need for cost-effective solutions, IWT’s engineering team ingeniously devised a design that minimized manufacturing expenses without compromising quality. This allowed the meters to be mass-produced at a fraction of the cost, making them an attractive option for large-scale deployments.

Enhanced Reliability

The deployment of IWT’s IoT water meters led to a drastic improvement in data accuracy and real-time monitoring. With precise and reliable metering data available, the utility company could detect leaks, water quality issues, and anomalies promptly. This enabled them to take swift action and prevent potential disasters before they escalated, thereby ensuring a steady supply of clean water to consumers.

Significantly Reduced Maintenance Costs

The traditional practice of manually reading and maintaining water meters often proved labor-intensive and expensive. IWT’s IoT meters revolutionized this aspect by enabling remote monitoring and data collection. As a result, the utility company experienced a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs, as routine inspections and maintenance visits were no longer necessary.

At IWT, we remain steadfast in our mission to continue innovating and shaping a better tomorrow. Our passion for pushing the boundaries of wireless technology will persist as we seek out new challenges and opportunities to make a positive impact on industries and communities.