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IWT offers a variety of specialized sensing, tracking and interoperable communication platforms to meet MIL standards for ruggedness while providing reliable and encrypted communication.

Our highly scalable, turnkey systems function as a stand-alone sensor network or can be integrated into larger systems. With IWT's leading wireless mesh network technology and advanced sensing algorithms, IWT has changed the landscape of unattended sensor systems for border security, force protection, and critical infrastructure protection and much more.

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Latest Defense & Security News & Events

  • IWT to Certify Coyote Sensors with Innovation Grant

    GENEDGE is pleased to help IWT accelerate certification of the Coyote Sensor & Communication System


    Martinsville, VA- GENEDGE ALLIANCE, in cooperation with The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission (TIC), has awarded a grant totaling more than $200,000.00 to Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) Inc. to fund an Innovation Commercialization Project for accelerating high technology top line growth in the region. IWT is a wireless solutions company located in Forest, Va that has been developing products for commercial, industrial, defense and public safety markets for over 14 years. The funding is targeted toward critical testing of IWT’s Coyote Unattended Ground Sensor  System. Coyote Sensor System is a modern, unattended ground sensor system that enables economical border surveillance in rugged remote terrain and is currently deployed by a number of federal agencies. It provides highly accurate, smart sensing to classify human or vehicle presence with precision and minimal false alarms.

  • IWT Announces Next Generation UGS System

     Forest, Virginia - Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) announces the next generation of its Coyote Unattended Ground Sensor system for Border Security, Infrastructure protection and Force protection. The first generation Coyote Sensor System established a new level of performance for unattended sensors by enabling economical surveillance of rugged, remote terrain with its mesh networking technology and low power consumption sensing. This next generation Coyote Sensor System raises the bar again with dramatically improved target sensing, simplified operation and improved communications capabilities.

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The Coyote System is superior to the competition in every way.
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