MSHA Approval makes SENTINEL™ Uniti System a Game-Changer in Mining Data Transmission

front view of Uniti node

LYNCHBURG, VA, June 22, 2020 – Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc. received notification that the SENTINEL™ Uniti System is now approved by MSHA for use within gassy areas of underground mines.  Previously released for non-intrinsically safe environments in 2019, the SENTINEL Uniti Node is a multi-functional device that combines IWT’s High Data Rate (HDR) technology, Wi-Fi access point, voice communication, text, and tracking in one robust package for a reliable, wireless network.

 “The ability to now offer the SENTINEL Uniti System to areas within the mine that requires intrinsic safety approval is huge,” said IWT CEO Eric Hansen. “The ability to get data directly from equipment in the working section without the need for fiber or other cabling to first be advanced will vastly improve efficiency. This allows working sections to be all wireless, speeding up operations and move times.”

MSHA requires that equipment used in gassy underground environments meet the requirements of Title 30, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 23.  IWT was notified on June 15, 2020 that the SENTINEL Uniti System, which is comprised of the SENTINEL Uniti Node and power supply, had been approved.   This approval means that the system can now be used to support rapid section moves, enabling teams to quickly advance communication and get production data to the surface in real-time.  The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to the network provides the ability for underground IP connectivity – this streamlines operations further for use case such as: accessing machine manuals and remote technical support (i.e. Zoom® or FaceTime® with vendor technical support), send pictures or video of broken equipment, or order repair parts on location. The possibilities for production efficiency is endless.  

Software-configurable to support various levels of functionality, the system is offered as:  HDR and Wi-Fi only; HDR, Wi-Fi, and text/tracking/sensor data; or, HDR, Wi-Fi, text/tracking/sensor data and voice.  Expandable functionality means customer can add capability as their needs evolve.  The SENTINEL Uniti System is completely compatible with all IWT SENTINEL networks and can be used to extend an existing SENTINEL network while providing HDR and Wi-Fi capabilities.

About IWT:

Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc. (IWT) is a full-service engineering solutions provider specializing in wireless solutions for commercial, industrial, public safety and defense markets.  IWT is a leading supplier of wireless communication and tracking systems for underground mining and tunneling operations, rescue and recovery mission critical systems and provides engineering and technical consultation to several governmental defense agencies and public safety equipment manufacturers.  IWT also operates a Kenwood radio dealership providing equipment and service to public safety customers.

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