Continuously Innovating Based on Customer Needs

All it takes to trigger a new machine-to-machine solution is a need and a brilliant idea from a clever mind.

At IWT, we take your need, and our experienced team of outside-the-box thinkers will develop the technology breakthrough to make the impossible, possible.

We have provided IoT solutions for DoD customers, mission-critical communication providers, utility companies, the mining industry, underground storage facilities, and security agencies to work smarter and increase safety and profitability.  

What can we do for you?

IoT Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of how we helped solve customer’s problems. No matter the market, no matter the size, we can help.

Defense Agency

IssueA need for real-time location (RTL) and monitoring of supplies, asset state-of-health, and have visibility into weapon and military equipment inventory.

IWT Solution: Provided wireless IoT warehouse RFID system with location, tracking and inventory systems interface

Result: Improved efficiency and inventory accountability

Lighting Company

IssueA major lighting company needed a way to monitor street and roadway lighting.

IWT Solution:  Provided 25,000 IoT sensors installed over five metro-scale deployments.

Result:  Lower maintenance, lower repair and asset performance management functions.

Utility Company

IssueA major utility company wanted a low cost, battery-operated water meter with greater than five year battery life.

IWT Solution:  Exceeded requirements for cost and battery life ahead of schedule.  Tens of thousands of IoT meters installed.

Result:  Improved reliability and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

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