The Foundation of our Company

Our engineering team is dedicated to solving our customers’ problems...

...whether it is using one of our existing products, creating a turnkey custom-engineered solution or augmenting your team with additional hard-to-find capabilities such as laying out a high-speed baseband board, interfacing to a custom Bluetooth device or developing custom FPGA processing modules.  Regardless of the model of the engagement, we'll apply the same attention to detail to ensure that technical, budgeting, and scheduling requirements are met.  We've been doing it this way for more than 20 years for our customers, and we can do for you.

From Concept to Final Product

Our engineers and project managers take an applications and system approach to solving a customer's problem.  We leverage our extensive and diverse backgrounds and core architecture of wireless products and designs to reduce cost and time to market.  Our Agile development processes center around short development iterations and getting prototypes and products in the hands of stakeholders as early in the development cycle as possible to solicit feedback and ensure that the final product will meet their needs.

Once developed, we offer lean manufacturing and total supply chain management services to quickly get your product to market. 

Our Engineers

Our engineering team consists multiple disciplines:

  • Systems
  • RF Design
  • Hardware
  • Application Software
  • Embedded Software
  • Mechanical

Custom Solutions are our Specialty

The IWT engineering team is a group of highly experienced, solution-focused individuals with an average experience level of 15+ years and over 50% holding post-graduate degrees in engineering and science.  This team has particular strengths in the areas of system, hardware/mechanical, software engineering and signal processing with experience in a wide range of applications and technology including...

  • Ad hoc wireless networks
  • Low power distributed sensor networks
  • Seismic detection and classification algorithms
  • Sensor Processing algorithms
  • Geolocation in GPS denied areas
  • Narrowband, Wideband and Ultra-wideband RF design
  • High-speed baseband processing hardware design
  • High-speed signal processing
  • Software Defined/Cognitive Radio
  • Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence
  • Hazardous Area/Intrinsically Safe Operating Environments
  • First Responder communications and tracking
  • Warfighter communications
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Cognitive Radios
  • Personnel and Asset Tracking
  • Covert surveillance
  • Gas Detection
  • Health monitoring
  • Automated hardware validation and calibration systems
  • Real-time production monitoring and analytics
  • Large-scale sensor data processing, fusion and visualization.

Learn More about Our Engineering Disciplines

System Engineering

Our systems engineering group is dedicated to creating solutions to our customers’ problems whether they are first responders, warfighters, border patrol agents, miners, etc.  Our team has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to successfully address complex problems by working closely with stakeholders and end users and extract the key CONOP, requirements and constraints.  They take these inputs along with their broad knowledge of wireless design, COTS wireless solutions, battery technologies, etc. and perform a series of tradeoff exercises to arrive at an optimal solution.

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IWT’s communication system design expertise is outstanding! They have the skills and experience to translate system level requirements into component level specifications.
Apps Manager, Agere Systems

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