Mission Critical Operations

We’ve Got Search and Rescue Covered – Even Underground.

Used in both urban search and rescue and mine rescue, IWT communication networks are wireless making them quick to deploy and easy to use with point-and-go antennas. IWT mobile equipment can be used as a stand-alone system, or an essential enhancement to above ground P25 based systems, Digital Mobile Radio networks, and most legacy networks, including VHF, UHF and Leaky Feeder. 

Offering real-time situational awareness and continuous gas monitoring, IWT networks allow Incident Command to know exactly where rescuers are located, and the conditions they face. All while offering advanced features including Phone Connect™  for telephone interconnectivity, voice-over-IP, AES encryption and deployable state-of-health tools.

Designed for the harshest of underground environments, IWT equipment meets or exceed military standards for environmental and physical standards (MIL810).  IWT equipment goes through extensive reliability testing to ensure responders have communication where and when they need it.

IWT Networks Offer:

  • Fast deployment
  • AES encryption
  • Interoperability
  • Crystal-clear voice
  • Freeform text
  • State-of-health
  • Data analytics
  • Gas monitoring
  • Situational awareness

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