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High Data Rate (HDR) is a revolutionary data platform specifically designed for underground applications.

The wireless solution brings reliable, real-time data from the working area to the surface to enable effective management and continuous improvement of production operations.

HDR solves the data retrieval issues facing underground operations today.  Traditional Wi-Fi-based solutions do not reliably transmit in non-line-of-sight conditions, and lack the range for continuous coverage.  Traditional wired data solutions are difficult to maintain, difficult to advance and often do not survive the mining process.   

IWT’s data solution is composed of a series of rugged HDR wireless nodes that ‘hop’ data from mine equipment to the mine’s fiber backbone.  Information critical for the mine’s productivity and safety is communicated in real-time to decision makers at the surface.  Each node contains IWT’s proprietary high data rate mesh component and a Wi-Fi Client Access Point.  Superior range allows for fewer nodes for a cost efficient system.

Use Case: Remote Monitoring of Raise Bore Machine

See how one mine uses IWT’s high-speed wireless fiber link to relay machine data back to the mine office for automatic data collection.

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