Data Analytics

IWT Comprehensive Mine Management Solution

Our team of engineers are here to help you automate data collection and build a structure which drives process improvements and supports informed decisions. Combined with our High Data Rate solution, your team can get critical information easier and faster than ever before.

Measure It So You Can Improve It

What could an improvement yield do for your business’ bottom line?  Studies have shown that mines that analyze data and implement strategic improvement plans have yielded a 5 – 15% production increase, saved 10 – 40% on planned vs. reactive maintenance, increased equipment utilization by up to 6%, reduced inventory costs by up to 10% and increased workforce productivity by 5 – 25%. 


Investing in innovation today will ensure your mine accelerates efficiency programs for tomorrow and stays ahead of the competition well into the future.

Start Saving & Making Money

  • Increase production output
  • Reduced cost per ton
  • Increase productivity (tons per man-hour)
  • Proactive vs. reactive maintenance
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Culture of continual improvement

Digital Transformation

View the case study of one mine’s path to production efficiency and cost savings.

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