Communications & Tracking

The Smart Choice for Mining Communications & Tracking

IWT communications and tracking systems are designed for underground applications. Engineered to be highly reliable and extremely durable, our networks require little maintenance and make work safer and easier; all while outperforming Wi-Fi, leaky feeder, and text-based systems. The reusability, expandability, stronger signal and low maintenance provide an overall lower cost of ownership making IWT systems the smartest choice in comms and tracking. 

IWT’s ACCOLADE® and second-gen SENTINEL™ systems deliver the features and benefits that matter most to mine safety and operations:


  • Feature scalable with software: tracking, text & tracking, voice/text & tracking
  • Crystal clear voice; choose from two handset models
  • Handsets & tags enable continuous tracking of people and assets
  • Battery or line-powered wireless infrastructure
  • Up to 2,000 feet or more between infrastructure devices means less infrastructure is required
  • MSHA and ATEX approved - Intrinsically Safe

Watch Real-time, Continuous Tracking


  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Reusability
  • No cabling in the working sections
  • Fastest section moves
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Easy maintainability
  • Integrates seamlessly with other IWT products and services allowing users to add to the system as they go

Deployment Scenarios

SENTINEL™ provides wireless voice, text, tracking, atmospheric monitoring, performance metrics and much more.  Click to view specific features and deployment for each underground application.

The Benefits are Clear

Download the whitepaper on the benefits one mine operator has seen with an IWT system.

Differences in Communication Networks

View the World Coal article on the pros and cons of various types of communication platforms.

The Mining Industry’s Most Advanced Communications and Tracking Equipment

Rugged, push-to-talk radios provide crystal-clear voice, text and tracking – all in one device.  The industry’s most advanced and accurate tracking can also be achieved with small, battery powered SENTINEL™ Tracking Beacons or with SENTINEL™ Tracking Tags depending on individual mine scenarios – use one type of device, or all three!  Each device has emergency alert capabilities and reports back to dispatch to provide real-time, continuous tracking.

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