Atmospheric Monitoring

Rugged, Single or Multi-Gas Monitors Designed for Harsh Environments

The SENTINELTM Wireless Gas Monitor is a flexible environmental monitoring solution designed for harsh underground environments that can be configured with up to four gas sensors.

The monitor supports wireless backhaul as part of an integrated architecture using IWT’s SENTINEL™ wireless communication and tracking system or can operate as a stand-alone system. The device can act in two primary modes – a single or multi-gas sensor, or a wireless sensor repeater for hard to reach areas.  The monitor provides up to 6-month battery life (single sensor) using four D alkaline batteries.

Limit False Alarms with Hydrogen Compensated CO

Customers with a SENTINEL™ Dispatch Station can take advantage of a compensation algorithm when using a multi-gas Wireless Gas Monitor with sensor modules for Hydrogen (H) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).  The unique algorithm allows users to monitor CO levels near battery charging stations where batteries can vent hydrogen without receiving false alarms at the Dispatch Station.

Easy to Use

Front facing battery compartments make battery replacement easy, while removable sensor modules allow users to perform general maintenance. A high-resolution, backlit display provides clear gas readings as well as helpful status indicators, such as battery life, communication range, and calibration.  High visibility LEDs provide visual indications of power status and gas sensor level (alarm, warning).  A keypad and menu makes it simple to deploy and maintain.

The SENTINEL™ Wireless Gas Monitor also supports OPC Unified Architecture (UA), meaning it easily integrates with Rockwell’s FactoryTalk®, GE’s iFIX and other OPC UA compatible systems.

Wireless Gas Monitor


  • Provides single/multi-gas monitoring anywhere
  • Easily replaceable sensor modules
  • Battery-operated
  • Replaceable D-cell alkaline batteries
  • Power and status LED
  • High resolution, backlit display
  • Intrinsically safe (CFR 30 Part 18)
  • NRTL approved

Use Cases:

Remote GOB Borehole Monitoring

See how one mine uses Wireless Gas Monitors to take readings at remote boreholes in real-time.

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Hydrogen Compensated CO Gas Monitoring

Check out the benefits one mine saw by using hydrogen-compensated algorithms to limit false alarms at charging stations.

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Not all Gas Monitors are Created Equal

View the World Coal article on selecting a monitor to improve health and safety.

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