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Access Your Sensors Anywhere in the World

The Coyote Gateway aggregates data from the sensor field and provides a communication link back to the cloud, enabling you to access your sensor field from any remote location with an internet connection. Multiple gateways provide redundancy and scalability to thousands of sensors.

 Part No:  FAP2101-001

Part No: FAP2101-001

Reliable Comms

Industry's most adaptive self-forming, proven mesh network. Secure AES encryption, frequency-hopping, and custom operating frequencies.

  • ISM band
  • MIL bands
  • AES Encryption


The Coyote Gateway has an ethernet interface for access to a local area network (LAN). An optional cellular modem is available for remote access.

  • Consolidates the sensor field
  • Remotely programmable
  • Encrypted wireless links
  • GPS for position and time synchronization

Power Configuration Options

  • DC Power
  • AC Power
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)



Yagi Antenna

A directional +9dB gain yagi antenna with U-bolts can be used to extend communication range.


AC Power Adapter

The AC to DC conversion adapter enables power from an AC source.


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