Join us at the Bluefield Coal Show 2019

We look forward to seeing all our coal friends at the Bluefield Coal Show September 11-13, 2019 in Bluefield, WV.   Visitors to our booth can learn how real-time, wireless, production and maintenance analytics can save their mine serious money.   Make sure to also check out our wireless, affordable, communication and tracking and gas monitoring solutions.
One system. No wires. Tons of Data. Stop by to see us at booth 205.

IWT at Longwall USA Exhibition & Conference 2019

IWT showcased the latest in mine analytics solutions at the 2019 Longwall USA, May 19 – 22, 2019 in Pittsburg, PA.  IWT’s Mine Analytics allow mine operators to discover and interpret patterns in mine data and apply those patterns to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. 

IWT Introduces the Powerful, All-in-One SENTINEL™ Uniti Node

IWT announces the SENTINEL™ Uniti Node, one device that enables a wireless network (no fiber or other data transmission cabling) to support all service types a mine may need.  IWT’s high data rate HDRMesh™ technology is combined with our field-proven, market-leading communications and tracking technology to create a robust, reliable, wireless digital network, even where wired systems fail – at the working face where it’s needed most.

The SENTINEL Uniti Node integrates into one product all the capabilities today’s (and tomorrow’s) mines need: a high bandwidth, wireless backhaul for production data; a 2.4GHz industry-standard Wi-Fi Access Point; and communications, tracking and sensor support.  Power is supplied from 12-24 VDC nominal, either from a 110 VAC AC-to-DC power supply or a battery, and has a battery-backup capability for the communications and tracking functionality. 

Available in different configurations, the SENTINEL Uniti Node allows users to purchase the functionality needed today, and upgrade via software update as needs change in the future.  

The SENTINEL Uniti Node is just the latest IWT product making it easy for users to MINE the DATA™.

IWT Showcases Smart Mining Capabilities at SME 2019

SME, Denver, CO February 2019.  This year’s topic was Smart Mining – which exactly describes the solutions offered by IWT.   Visitors to our booth learned how real-time, wireless, production and maintenance analytics could save mines serious money - and saving money is smart!   One system. No wires. Tons of Data. 

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