Communications, Tracking, IoT Sensors and more

A Fully Integrated, Intrinsically Safe Wireless Network for Oil and Gas

Designed to handle the extreme conditions of oil and gas fields, refineries, offshore rigs and tankers. IWT offers a fully integrated, reliable network that is both intrinsically safe and encrypted. Fully customizable and expandable to meet each customer’s specific needs, IWT's wireless self-healing networks provide unparalleled remote monitoring, voice communications, real-time tracking of assets or personnel, sensor data and analytics, gas monitoring, and perimeter security with video and military-grade unmanned ground sensors to closely manage and to improve efficiency at remote, large-scale operations.

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Remote Data Available in Real-Time

Rugged, wireless mesh nodes at the wellhead instantly access flowmeter data, pressure sensors, pump efficiency and more using your preferred sensor type. This business-critical field information is securely sent, in real-time, to the command center for action without the costly need to send technicians to remote areas to evaluate each well. Take the data one step further with performance, work-flow and maintenance analytics to continually analyze, improve and optimize your business in both safety and production.


  • Communications
  • Tracking
  • Performance Data
  • Analytics
  • Video
  • Security
  • Gas Sensors


  • Rugged, Intrinsically
    Safe Components
  • AES Encryption
  • Clear Voice
  • Real-Time Data

Latest Oil & Gas News & Events

  • Join IWT in Houston for OilComm 2020, October 14-15

    IWT will attend OilComm 2020 in Houston,Texas to exhibit the latest in remote sensor monitoring, perimeter security, communications and much more.  To register for OilComm, visit oilcomm.com.  We look forward to seeing you in Houston. 

  • IWT Showcases Wireless Solutions at OilComm 2019

    IWT will showcase solutions for wireless communications, tracking, sensor and environmental monitoring, analytics and site perimeter security at the 2019 OilComm in Houston, Texas October 2-3.  The theme of this year's OilComm conference and expo is "Fueling the Digital Revolution" which is exactly what our unique wireless solutions offer to the gas and oil industry.   Ask us how we can help your organization improve safety, efficiency and production. 

    We look forward to seeing you at booth 708.

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