IWT Announces Next Generation UGS System

 Forest, Virginia - Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) announces the next generation of its Coyote Unattended Ground Sensor system for Border Security, Infrastructure protection and Force protection. The first generation Coyote Sensor System established a new level of performance for unattended sensors by enabling economical surveillance of rugged, remote terrain with its mesh networking technology and low power consumption sensing. This next generation Coyote Sensor System raises the bar again with dramatically improved target sensing, simplified operation and improved communications capabilities.

“We have created a game changing monitoring and security solution for border agents based on our expertise in large scale, low power wireless mesh sensor networks,” says Eric Hansen, IWT CEO. The Coyote Sensor System outperforms legacy systems with:

  • Operational capabilities to monitor and secure the ‘tough to reach’ holes in the border
  • Self-forming/self-healing mesh network that is easy to deploy, requiring no advance network planning
  • Lowest cost per mile deployment of sensor systems
  • Low power design with 4x improvement in operating life to reduce maintenance costs
  • New and better sensing algorithms to detect ever changing threats
  • Network scalability and remote programming that virtually eliminates the need for traditional network infrastructure

“With the critical border situation, demands on CBP agents are tremendous, so any system that reduces the burden on the agent while enhancing security is compelling,” according to John Gargasz, IWT Director of Business Development. As one Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent put it, “This system will change the way we do our job.”

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