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Your competitive advantage

IWT has a proven world class supply chain and is a major competitive advantage which allows us to provide superior products at best value to our customers. Our contract manufacturers range from far East subassembly to U.S. based, military qualified. We can provide quick turn prototypes or large-scale commercial production volumes. Over our history, IWT has shipped over 1 million combined total product units with our supply chain and partners, varying from high spec military and public safety to low cost, commercial equipment.

Supply Chain Management

IWT manages the entire supply chain - from component ordering, inventory management, production management, testing, quality, packing and shipment - all at extremely competitive prices.

Put our experience to work

With IWT's experience base, nimble business environment and world class supply chain, we can bring complex wireless solutions to market quickly and economically. Let us assist you in the execution of your production to achieve the quality you expect.

New Product Introduction

IWT maintains a New Product Introduction (NPI) and supply organization to manage production and customer fulfillment. The use of a proven network of preferred manufacturers ensures quick-turn domestic production when needed and high volume overseas manufacturing when cost competitiveness is necessary.

As part of our strategy, local manufacturers are used for complex, high lead components and builds for R&D and evaluation. We also have the flexibility to utilize in-house CAD and tech resources to build prototype boards for quick analysis and development.

We actively manage the control, supply, quality and test of all product lines. Electronic work orders are used to track the production process, and the supply side is coordinated in IWT's order management and inventory system. While in production, IWT's quality objectives are communicated to our partners and auditing is used to monitor IWT's quality goals.

Ultimately this means your product is delivered to you on-time or before your ship date, with a delivery precision of 98%.



  • ISO compliant
  • Quality assurance
  • International services
  • Domestic services
  • Focus on automation
  • History of high quality