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Security Products

IWT offers a core sensing and communication platform that can be used for a variety of applications from border security to critical infrastructure protection. 

Coyote Sensor and Communications System

Coyote is a wireless Sensor and Communication System with a highly scalable design that is a turnkey system for integrators and end users. It can function as a stand-alone sensor network or can be integrated into larger systems. With IWT's leading wireless mesh network technology and advanced sensing algorithms, IWT has changed the landscape of unattended sensor systems for border security, force protection, and critical infrastructure protection.

  • Border Security
  • Force Protection
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Dismounted Operations
  • Target Tracking and Location

Mesh Protocol

IWT's mesh networking technology is a mature, proven platform that enables mesh-based, wireless networks. True peer-to-peer topology is supported and any node is able to communicate with any other node. Sleep intervals and routing algorithms are maximized for efficient battery utilization and power management. 

Network Management Tools

A mesh network requires a unique set of tools not found in traditional network management software. IWT's mProv is a scalable network monitoring, management and deployment suite designed to work with our wireless products. It is also designed with a seamless XML interface for 3rd party integration.

Latest Security News/Press

IWT to Certify Coyote Sensors with Innovation Grant

GENEDGE Alliance announces innovation commercialization grant award totaling over $200K to IWT

IWT Announces Next Generation UGS System

Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) announces the next generation of its Coyote Unattended Ground Sensor system for Border Security, Infrastructure protection and Force protection.



IWT offers lean innovation services for custom engineering and manufacturing for many different security solutions.

  • Industrial Design
  • Custom Engineering
  • Manufacturing
The Coyote System is superior to the competition in every way.”
— Special Operations Forces

Our Team

We make wireless effortless. Our team focuses on making technology that is simple, rugged, and improves safety.



We are committed to excellence and pride ourselves in our innovation.  Our leading edge position guides our company and our customers to success.