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Modern UGS for Essential Security

Coyote Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) are the backbone of the Coyote system. They deliver unmatched sensing accuracy and persistent networked communications, which enables users to confidently deploy them where they are most needed.

 Part No:  FAP4100-010

Part No: FAP4100-010

Decisive Classification

 Embedded seismic classification algorithms confidently discriminate targets of interest from animals and the surrounding environment.

  • Humans
  • Vehicles
  • Digging

Reliable Comms

Industry's most adaptive self-forming, proven mesh network. Secure AES encryption, frequency-hopping, and custom operating frequencies.

  • ISM band
  • MIL bands
  • AES Encryption

Persistent Battery Life

A Coyote UGS runs for two years on enclosed batteries -- longer than all the competition. This significantly reduces the time and cost associated with replacing batteries and maximizes location discretion.


PIR Sensor

A passive infrared accessory can be connected to a Coyote sensor to provide an invisible trip wire modality.

Magnetic Sensor

A magnetic sensor accessory can be connected to a Coyote sensor to provide a trigger for detecting metallic objects.


Accessory Cable

The durable accessory cable connects a Coyote sensor with a PIR or Magnetic sensor.


The Coyote UGS accepts 1 or 2 BA-5390U batteries. 


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