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You're Never Out of Range

The Coyote Repeater is a radio relay used to extend range between Coyote sensors and infrastructure. The Repeater shares common hardware and software with Coyote sensors, simplifying operations and logistics. Repeaters are active mesh nodes and can be deployed in a redundant configuration for maximum network reliability.

 Part No:  FAP4200-010

Part No: FAP4200-010

Reliable Comms

Industry's most adaptive self-forming, proven mesh network. Secure AES encryption, frequency-hopping, and custom operating frequencies.

  • ISM band
  • MIL bands
  • AES Encryption

Persistent Battery Life

Coyote Repeaters run for two years on enclosed batteries, longer than all the competition. This significantly reduces the time and cost associated with replacing batteries.

Ease of Use

Gesture based activation means no field tools are required for emplacement. The Coyote Repeater, like all other Coyote products, features full remote, over-the-air programming and configuration.




The Coyote Repeater accepts 1 or 2 BA-5390U batteries.


Yagi Antenna

A directional +9dB gain yagi antenna with U-bolts can be used to extend communication range.


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