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In Field Management of Your Network

The Coyote USB Radio is a mobile, USB powered radio that communicates with your Coyote sensor units to provide localized exfiltration capability of your sensor field. This enables management of sensor deployments in the field independent of Coyote infrastructure.

 Part No:  FAP9000-250

Part No: FAP9000-250

Reliable Comms

Industry's most adaptive self-forming, proven mesh network. Secure AES encryption, frequency-hopping, and custom operating frequencies.

  • ISM band
  • MIL bands
  • AES Encryption


The Coyote USB Radio has a single USB interface that provides both power and serial access.

  • Provides in field monitoring of sensor field
  • No external batteries required
  • Remotely configure sensors
  • Encrypted wireless links

Mobile Gateway

The Coyote USB Radio uses a rugged, lightweight NEMA 4x enclosure and has an RF connector and a USB port. With a size of 0.8" x 2.2" x 4.3" and weighing less than 5 ounces, this device is extremely portable and easy to use. 


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