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Big Things Come in Small Packages

The Coyote UGS Mini is a self-powered, ground sensor and a smaller, lighter version of the Coyote UGS model. Designed for six-month missions, it delivers unmatched sensing accuracy and persistent networked communications, enabling operators to deploy sensors where they are most needed.

 Part No:  FAP4100-500

Part No: FAP4100-500

Decisive Classification

Embedded seismic classification algorithms confidently discriminate targets of interest from animals and the surrounding environment.

  • Humans
  • Vehicles
  • Digging

Reliable Comms

Industry's most adaptive self-forming, proven mesh network. Secure AES encryption, frequency-hopping, and custom operating frequencies.

  • ISM band
  • MIL bands
  • AES Encryption

Persistent Battery Life

The Coyote UGS Mini runs for six months using commercial alkaline D-cell batteries. This significantly reduces the time and cost associated with replacing batteries.


PIR Sensor

A passive infrared accessory can be connected to an UGS Mini to provide an invisible trip wire modality.

Magnetic Sensor

A magnetic sensor accessory can be connected to an UGS Mini to provide a trigger for detecting metallic objects.


Accessory Cable

The durable accessory cable connects an UGS Mini with a PIR or Magnetic sensor.


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