IWT to Speak at IWCE 2018

Network Infrastructure Forum March 5, 2018   1: 30 p.m.

Join us in Orlando at the IWCE expo as we speak at the Network Infrastructure Forum on "In-building on Steroids: Coverage in Tunnels, Mines and other Underground Structures".  

Get an overview of the technical challenges encountered when designing systems to provide voice, sensor data, personnel and asset tracking in isolated, limited-line-of-sight environments such as tunnels, mines, underground parking garages, collapsed buildings, etc. This will include a review of underground propagation models and existing technologies that should be considered when designing communications and tracking solutions for these environments. These technologies will apply to both permanent solutions as well as portable communications and tracking solutions for incident response scenarios such as underground search-and-rescue. Get an understanding of results of underground radio propagation studies, the current technologies used for underground communications and tracking, and the effect of tunnel layout on required communication system architecture.