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Safety and Productivity Go Hand-in-Hand

IWT offers the best safety and communication systems for mining and tunneling applications. Our commitment is to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions and support for the life of your system.


Our background works for you

IWT developed a communications and tracking system in response to the MINER Act of 2006. Adapting our mesh networking technology specifically to underground mining, our team designed the world's most reliable and advanced wireless communications and tracking system.

IWT first developed the ACCOLADE system while working with L-3 Communications. Then, in 2012, IWT purchased L-3's mining business and IWT now supplies and supports all ACCOLADE systems.

Soon afterward, IWT released SENTINEL, the next generation of the ACCOLADE system. 

IWT’s Mine Safety Communications and Tracking solution is the standard we will measure the other manufacturers by”


SENTINEL handsets, tracking beacons, and MML (locators) all work with existing ACCOLADE systems, and all SENTINEL system components have been IS certified.  

Since that time, IWT's innovative engineering team has been working with the mining and tunneling communities to expand the feature set of our systems to solve safety issues and leverage productivity.

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Integrated Framework

Our vision is to provide an integrated mine and tunneling operation solution designed for safety, easy data access and low maintenance for an overall lower cost of ownership.

Comms and Tracking

A single network that provides voice communications, texting, and tracking using wireless communications.

Mine Rescue

Portable underground wireless communications solutions to support mine emergency operations.

  • Works seamlessly with networks in mines
  • Communications from command center to inby the Fresh Air Base
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Self configuring nodes have no cables to carry
  • Reliable, redundant network

Latest Mining News & Events

Join IWT at MINExpo International 2016

Stop by the Appalachia USA Pavilion South Hall, Booth 29505 to learn about our latest in underground, integrated  communications, tracking and data analytics.  Be sure to check out the Coal Session at 10:15 a.m. in the Upper Concourse as IWT's CEO Eric Hansen discusses Cost Optimization for Network Services. 

IWT CEO Eric Hansen to Speak at J.A. Holmes Safety Seminar

IWT's CEO Eric Hansen to Present at 2016 J.A. Holmes Safety Association Seminar



We offer lean, innovative custom engineering and manufacturing services for wireless solutions.



  • Deployed in more than 80 underground mines since 2009
  • Strong support by MSHA and Mine Operators

Our Team

We make wireless effortless. Our team focuses on making technology that is simple, rugged, and improves safety.



We are committed to excellence and pride ourselves in our innovation.  Our leading edge position guides our company and our customers to success.