Vehicle Mounted radio

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Don't Lose your Ride

IWT's Vehicle Mounted Radio (VMR) solution keeps tabs on vehicles and equipment that move, whether they should or not. The speaker ensures you're heard when it gets loud.


The main communications and tracking features of the system come from IWT's popular SENTINEL system used since 2006.

  • Completely wireless comms & tracking
  • Vehicle powered
  • External speaker/mic with holder
  • External loud speaker
  • Tracking only option


Many of the benefits are realized simply by using an IWT communications and tracking system.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Reliable redundant network
  • Real-time tracking
  • Group can't be tampered
  • Extra loud volume for noisy environments

VMR Component Products

 Vehicle Mounted Radio

Vehicle Mounted Radio



  • Mobile Handset
  • Gateway
  • Bleeder Mesh Node
  • Fixed Mesh Node
  • Dispatch Station

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