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Gateway to Your Mine

The IWT FAP2213 Gateway is a wide area network gateway which provides interconnectivity between IWT’s ad-hoc wireless networks to internet protocol (IP) based systems. In this capacity, the Gateway acts as a router and protocol converter for wireless voice, data and tracking information.

 IWT  SENTINEL  FAP2213 Gateway



The Gateway gives you access to your IWT communications and tracking system.  It is built to easily connect in standard mine offices, and perform well in small and large mines alike.

  • Wirelessly connects to mine
  • Ethernet port
  • Battery backup and charging
  • Rugged, metal enclosure
  • Up to six antennas for local comms


A core component of your IWT communications and tracking system, the Gateway ensures that you comply with the MINER Act by receiving tracking and emergency data for the Dispatch Station.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Update and manage from Dispatch Station
  • No need for additional tracking hardware
  • Clear voice quality


Battery Backup

Rugged, long-life, easy-to-carry battery backup for FMN and Gateway nodes.


Directional yagi antenna used to connect to other nodes and wireless devices up to 2000 feet away. 



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