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Highly Reliable, Extremely Durable

Our communications & tracking systems excel in underground environments.  They are engineered to be highly reliable and extremely durable, which makes work safer, easier, and more cost effective. 


The newest generation of smart, durable, user-friendly IS wireless communications and tracking that complies with the MINER Act and provides major productivity gains in mining operations.

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Redundant wireless mesh network
  • Up to 2500 feet between nodes


In compliance with the MINER Act, IWT's first generation wireless communications and tracking system, ACCOLADE (formerly L-3), provides outstanding voice, text, and tracking for underground mines.

  • Redundant wireless mesh network
  • Clear voice quality
  • Intrinsically safe

Mine Rescue System

IWT's Mine Rescue system is built on the incredibly reliable SENTINEL system, and meets the demands of MSHA MEO and other mine rescue teams everywhere.

  • Lightweight, fast deployment
  • Voice, text, tracking in one handset
  • Atmospheric and video monitoring

Longwall Bleeder System

The Longwall Bleeder System comprises a lightweight infrastructure node that provides voice, text, and tracking in bleeders based on the reliable SENTINEL system.

  • Lightweight, wireless package
  • Fast, easy deployment
  • Up to six months on two C batteries

Latest Mining News/Press

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IWT CEO Eric Hansen to Lead Comms & Tracking Roundable at American Mining Summit

IWT CEO Eric Hansen to Lead Comms & Tracking Roundtable

American Mining Summit

 June 8 -9, 2015, Denver, Co



Here are some comms & tracking systems that we offer to meet common scenarios in mining.


SENTINEL provides voice, text, tracking, atmospheric monitoring, performance metrics, and more to entire sites in many underground and mining industries.

  • Coal Mining
  • Hard Rock Mining
  • Nickel Mining
  • Gold Mining
  • Tunnels
Best communications apparatus we have seen, it exceeded our expectations”
— Arch Coal, MERD