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Quickly Advance Comms & Tracking in Working Sections

IWT's longwall section move solution makes advancing communication and tracking into working sections as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.  Just advance the Section Mesh Node, magnetically mount to the shield, and place on the dispatch tracking map.



The main communications and tracking features of the system come from IWT's popular SENTINEL system. Additional long-life operation has been introduced to alleviate timely maintenance. 

  • Completely wireless comms & tracking
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Up to six months on two C batteries
  • Voice, text, tracking in one handset


Many of the benefits are realized simply by using an IWT communications and tracking system. The Section Move Solution takes it a step further by focusing on low power, long life operation.

  • Lightweight, portable equipment
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reliable redundant network
  • Real-time awareness
  • No need for line power

Voice and Tracking for Working Sections

Section Mesh Nodes are small, low-profile nodes that provide voice, text and 200’ tracking in working sections without the need for wire. Simple, flexible deployment ensures continuous communication coverage when and where it’s needed; keeping users connected to the industry’s most reliable underground communication network.

The reusable Section Nodes are battery-operated, wireless and mount magnetically; making installation and removal fast and easy.

Battery life is monitored by the mesh network, and power and status are shown with a LED light on each node. The C-cell batteries last up to seven days and are easy to replace without the need for special tools.